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Important Note about transitioning to online learning

Many of you have asked over the past few weeks about continuing education requirements for online learning now that we are in a new era of training due to the COVID-19 Crisis.

According to the WAC all virtual workshops need to have a quiz of content retention before a participant is given a CE Certificate. Our plan for NASW workshops online is to do 2-3 questions either multiple choice or true/false per hour of CE Credit. We are going to put these into a survey monkey survey and people will complete and then we will score. Once we see a 70% or better pass rate we will send the CE Certificate within 10-15 business days. They will be getting a 2nd link for another survey monkey survey for the evaluation which is also required.

Having a quiz is required for ALL virtual events, both live and on demand. Please make adjustments asap. We want to stay in accordance with the requirements of the Department of Health.

WAC 246-809-610

Eligible continuing education activities.

(1) The continuing education (CE) program or course for licensed counselors and associates must:

(a) Be relevant to the profession; and

(b) Contribute to the advancement, extension and enhancement of their professional competence.

(2) Courses or workshops primarily designed to increase practice income or office efficiency are not eligible for CE credit.

(3) Acceptable CE courses (including distance learning), seminars, workshops and postgraduate institutes are those which are:

(a) Programs having a featured instructor, speaker(s) or panel approved by an industry-recognized local, state, national, international organization or institution of higher learning; or

(b) Distance learning programs, approved by an industry-recognized local, state, national or international organization or institution of higher learning. These programs must require tests of comprehension upon completion. Distance learning programs are limited to twenty-six hours per reporting period.

(4) Training programs sponsored by the agency where a licensed counselor or associate is employed are acceptable but are limited to twenty-six hours per reporting period.

(5) Other learning experience, such as serving on a panel, board or council, community service, research, peer consultation, or publishing articles for professional publications are acceptable but are limited to six hours per reporting period.

[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.225.040 . WSR 17-13-082, § 246-809-610, filed 6/16/17, effective 7/17/17. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.70.442 (7). WSR 14-09-102, § 246-809-610, filed 4/22/14, effective 4/22/14. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.225.040 . WSR 04-06-010, § 246-809-610, filed 2/20/04, effective 3/22/04. Statutory Authority: Chapter 18.19 RCW. WSR 02-11-108, § 246-809-610, filed 5/20/02, effective 6/20/02.]



 The NASW Washington State Chapter offers an approval program for continuing education providers who wish to offer continuing education for social workers, mental health counselors and marriage and family counselors Licensed by the Washington State Department of Health. Those entities that wish to use the name of NASW, Washington State Chapter, in the promotion of their conference, workshop or seminar promotional materials may do so after submitting the attached application and receiving written approval and a provider number. 

This approval assures attendees of these programs that the course content and instructor qualifications meet the standards and guidelines set by the NASW Continuing Education Committee and will qualify for State re-licensure. 

Why NASW’s approval is valuable: 

  • NASW’s review and approval of courses will ensure the market that such courses meet quality standards for continuing education and re-licensure; 
  • Continuing Education is a professional expectation for all social workers, Licensed or non-Licensed; 
  • NASW’s endorsement of courses will provide greater opportunity for the Licensed social worker to obtain quality education; 
  • NASW is the professional association for all social workers and has access to all Licensed social workers in the state; 
  • NASW continuing education content will also meet the requirements for Licensed Mental Health Counselors and Marriage and Family Counselors. 

 Authorization typically takes 4-6 weeks from receipt of the completed application. A $90 rush fee will be added to any application needing authorization in less than 4 weeks time. Upon approval you will be assigned a NASW identifying number and instructions for marketing purposes. 

Provider Application (for new providers and renewals)

CE Provider Application Pre-Approval Form  2 Year Unlimited

This category is for the delivery of an unlimited number of different topic and content workshops presented over a two year period. This category requires the application and all supporting documentation for all workshops being delivered under the two year unlimited category to be submitted 90 days before the workshop is delivered

Post Event Report Form

Please return this form along with requisite materials listed below with forty-five (45) days of each CE events sponsored by your agency/organization.