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NASWWA Chapter
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Understanding and Supporting LGBTQIA2S+ in Youth Foster Care (3 CE's)

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Webinar Summary:

How do I support a youth who identifies as LGBTQIA2S+? What do all the letters mean? What is PRIDE? What contributions have LGBTQIA2S+ people made to our world? What defines the culture? This workshop will develop and enrich your knowledge of the LGBTQIA2S+ culture, community and share the history of the struggles faced. Do you know and understand the history of the Gay Rights Movement? We will also explore what youth are experiencing in today’s political and community environment. We will learn the ‘lingo’ and gain an understanding of personal identity development, the coming out process, and examine supportive steps you can take to help youth in your care and community.
Learning Objectives: 
1.      Learn and understand the language used by and with the LGBTQIA2S+ community to enhance cultural competence and provide an inclusive environment within one’s organization
2.      Develop and enrich your knowledge of the development of an LGBQ+ identity development, to better inform your professional practice.
3.      Learn the history of the LGBQ+ Community and cultural movement to gain insight into the development and the struggles sometimes faced by members of the community.
4.      Examine ethical considerations, personal biases, and social constructs in our daily living and work with youth; and reflect on improving one’s personal and professional inclusive excellence.

About the Presenter: 

Dana Johnson from Wisconsin is a career social worker, practicing in senior level management in state government, county human services, an educator in higher education, and operating a consulting and professional development firm. His experience includes child welfare practice, policy, and reform; transformational organizational leadership and culture change, supervision of teams, continuous quality improvement, and dynamic equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts across micro, mezzo, and macro systems.

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